Parks and Recreation

Mattoon in Motion (MIM) believes Parks and Recreation in our community is an important part of our communities’ development. Our vision in the next ten years to create, sustain, and develop facilities and venues which allow residents and visitors to partake in a variety of sports leagues as well as create spaces for individual recreation opportunities.  

From MIM conversations, the city of Mattoon established a new bike trail committee and Tree Commission. Both of which focus on their respective topics.  Mattoon in the spring and summer months holds a wide verity of Softball and baseball tournaments and from this success, the city of Mattoon plans to build a second youth baseball field at Lawson Park.

Douglas Heart Nature Center

Individual organizations such as Douglas Heart Nature Center and the YMCA offer a wide variety of outdoor activities and programs for youth in our area. Douglas Heart is a premier outdoor nature center which aims to showcase experiential, hands-on, inquiry-based education. If you have not gotten a chance to experience Douglas Heart Nature Center now is the perfect time to visit.

YMCA-Girls on the Run

The YMCA offers many programs for area youth and adults alike. With programs such as Girls on the Run which uses a fun, experience-based curriculum, that creatively integrates running and other physical activity, to inspire joy, health, and confidence in girls. Learn more about there program here.

Central Football Club (CFC)

Also, for all you Soccer Fans, Central Football Club (CFC) is available to area youth. Its mission is to provide area youth an opportunity to access the game of Soccer at a competitive level and encourages all athletes to reach the individual’s highest potential to prepare them for the next level.

Sharp Iron Athletics

And check out Sharp Iron Athletics which hold a wide variety of programs for area residents which will help you achieve your goals of better health.

Many more opportunities in our great community

These are just a few examples of what our community offers. We have many more opportunities for outdoor recreation, and we invite all our residents and visitors to stay fit for life.

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