Economic Development in Mattoon

Mattoon is heading in the right direction! As you may have noticed there is talk of new development all around town .

The bike symbols around town are a new addition to our community. Construction is progressing on the new Marshalls site at the Cross County Mall and the newest development announcement is a Hilton Garden Inn with an onsite restaurant and an adjoining conference space are in the works.

Along with Elevate CCIC, Inc. (Elevate) Co-working spaces/ Business incubator and innovation center our goals of growing the city of Mattoon and the surrounding area are becoming a reality.

With progress comes progress. If you have an idea for a business now is the time to start! Contact us today to found out how we can Elevate your business to the next level. Let’s move forward together.

Bike lanes and Sharrows around town

Mattoon In Motion is ecstatic to see the development of bike lines and Sharrows in our City. But do you know the difference between the two symbols?

Sharrow symbol

This road marking means, share the road with cyclists. The new pavement marking with a bicycle with two arrows above it is a lane-sharing symbol know as as “sharrow.” When a sharrow is present it means that a cyclist may legally use the full lane .

Bike Lane

This road marking is an official Bike Lane.

In designated bike lanes. Even if bicyclists are not present, vehicles are not allowed to drive, park, idle in this space or pick up passengers in these designated lanes.

Theses markings can be found along 21st Street from Western Ave to Richmond Ave., Richmond Ave from 21st Street to 12th Street and Richmond Ave East from Logan Street to Holiday Drive (Cross-County Mall)

More information on bike rules can be found in the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road .

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in this initiative. Let’s keep moving Mattoon forward.

Rural Partners visit

We would like to thank Rural Partners for visiting last week to learn about all the great things that Mattoon in Motion is doing in community.  We were honored to host this great group of volunteers whose goal it is to strengthen, promote and enhance rural communities in Illinois.

 We would also like to thank the Mattoon Tourism and Arts Department for allowing us to use the Lone Elm Room for this gathering and to Ed Dowd from the Mattoon chamber of commerce who helped organize the event. Again we would like to thank all our supporters who are continuing to get the word out about Mattoon and all the great attributes it has to offer. #mattoonIL

Rural Partners of Illinois

Vanlaningham Park Clean Up Update

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to support Mattoon In Motions first ever park clean up day. We had a total of 26 people show up! It was a fantastic turn out!!

We could not have asked for better help. We spent just over an hour at the park and it looked tremendously better than it did when we showed up.

Volunteer- Jenna Hilligoss

Our next Park Clean up is scheduled for Sunday, May 26th, 4pm at Little Kinzel Park (28th Street and Marion Avenue).

We hope to see you there!

Be sure to stay up to date on all the activities that Mattoon In Motion is doing. We are always needing volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in Mattoon.

See you at our next park clean up day.

Park Clean up day Vanlaningham Park

The Parks and Rec Committee would like to invite you to the first Park clean-up day of the year.
We will be meeting at Vanlaningham Park this Sunday, April 28th, 2019 from 4 pm – 6 pm. 
Come help us clean up debris and make the park look nicer.
We ask that you provide your own equipment, if you have any available rakes or shovels to bring, please do so. You are also welcome to invite family members, friends or acquaintances to come help as well.
We look forward to seeing you there!