Workforce Development Update

Workforce development was one of the six committees created when Mattoon in Motion started.

Our Goal is to work towards developing a thriving workforce by promoting and showcasing our communities efforts to strengthen programs that meet the needs of area employers, residents, and employees.

To accomplish this, we are steadily raising awareness of available jobs, needed skills, and business opportunities in the region.

Collectively we are a group of educational institutions and business in the area working together for the positive development of the community.

There are many programs that will help train and support workers for area businesses in need of a skilled workforce.

You can find a list of programs here that you might not have known are available.

If you are a business that needs a skilled workforce, Lake Land College can help. Check out this video which was created to showcase LSC Communications active participation in the Lake Land College Fast Track Program.

Mattoon in Motion would like to thank all the participants in the video for their time and constant dedication to the community, and its residents.

If you are a potential business be sure to take a look at our Economic Development page and if you need assistance Elevate CCIC, Inc. when complete will be a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the region to help you start your future business.

Together we can move Mattoon and the region forward.

Contact us today if you would like to contribute to the development of Mattoon and the area.

Thank you

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