Youth Development Update!!

Youth Development Committee Update!!!


Today Energized Partnerships welcomed two Mattoon Youth Council members to speak about why they are going to continue to live, work and go to school in the area.

Meah and Anna are both actively engaged in the community and are excited about working on the B.I.O.N.I.C. service learning program in the High School. They discussed what it is like to volunteer in the community as High School students and presented to others in the audience how best to retain our communities youth from their perspective.

Youth Development Committee- Energized Partnership

If you did not know, the Youth Committee has divided up into two sub-committees.

Energized Partnership is a sub-committee which has made significant gains to strengthen partnerships within the community. The Youth Council is comprised of two of our community members in the Youth Committee, as well as youth who are enrolled in our local high school. Each member of the Youth Committee is nominated for the council by peers and faculty.

Our goal in the next ten years is to nurture Mattoon’s young residents and encourage them to be actively involved in the community while offering them unique opportunities to explore who they are, develop their skills, and discover their passion.

Here is a list of other organizations at Mattoon High School that engage Youth with the community.

We want to thank all the passionate community members who work to create safe spaces in our community for our youth to grow and prosper.


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