Consolidated Communications Grant moving us forward.

Consolidated Communications Grant for $1,000 is going to help with capacity building through better communications.

We want to thank Consolidated Communications for their charitable donation to Mattoon in Motion.

With these funds, we will continue to work with our partners and committees to establish effective ways to better communicate within our organization so we can continue to help move our community and area forward.

Consolidated Communication is a pivotal supporter of our community’s commitment to our grassroots development effort.

Thank you.

Mattoon Area Community Works Grant Recipient

Mattoon In Motion wants to thank the Mattoon Area Community Works for their generous grant of $4,500 for the support of our community organization this fiscal year 2020.

With these funds, we will continue to work with our partners to establish a more effective and efficient use of our communities resources. Through this type of commitment, we will push for the continued success of community collaboration projects such as Elevate CCIC, Inc.

Elevate CCIC, Inc is Coles County innovation hub and entrepreneurial co-working space, born out of the forward-thinking Robust Economy committee.

Together we can do more, and this next year with your continued support, we can move our area forward.

Thank you to all the people who make this community great.

If you are interested in the collaborative effort of this community, please consider volunteering for one of our six committees.

Contact us today.

Thank you to our area volunteers

As we commemorate this day of service, we want to celebrate our volunteers who have made Mattoon in Motion a moving force within the community.

We are working to establish a movement that focuses on the citizens and the future development of our area.

We could not have come this far without the volunteers’ who make this community great.

Together we can achieve more than we can alone.

To all the volunteers in the community who are contributing to the positive development of the area…

Thank you.

Grant awarded to MIM Parks and Rec Committee

Representatives and awardees of the Mattoon Community Trust Grant 2019

Mattoon in Motion (MIM) Parks and Rec committee is honored to be awarded $2,200 in grant money from the Mattoon Community Trust Grant.

With this grant money, the MIM Parks and Rec committee will initiate the Mattoon Butterfly Initiative and Beautification project.

This project is going to focus on creating a 1-acre butterfly habitat along the Mattoon Bike Path. The goal of the project is to utilize unused space along the bike path to showcase different flowers and plants that attract pollinators and beautify the already expanding bike path.

The Parks and Rec Committee is committed to work with the city and other organizations to support those who want to diversify our environment and create spaces that entice citizens to utilize our great parks and recreational areas.

Once planted, it will take up to a full year to develop. With the idea that all good things take time in mind, Mattoon in Motion is looking towards the future and thinking about what it means to become a forward-thinking organization.

Last year, the Parks and Rec committee spawned the creation of the Bike path committee and the Tree Commission. Also, with the help of local volunteers, we supported local park clean up days.

Thank you all who continue to support Mattoon In Motion, and it’s goals of creating an environment that spurs innovation and growth.

We want to congratulate all the recipients of the Mattoon Community Trust Grant. We are proud of all the excellent work that each group is doing in and for the community.

Check out the JG-TC article for others in the area who were awarded money from the Mattoon Community Trust Grant.

Thank you to our Volunteers who make MIM possible.

On November 14th, Mattoon in Motion held it’s second annual community update meeting. Around 275 people attended. We were honored to have Joshua Covey, Stephen R. Covey’s son, come and speak.

As a community organization, we are growing and thriving. With the array of volunteers in each committee, we are focused on developing and increasing our network so that we do not duplicate our efforts and utilize the resources we have in our rural community effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to all who are making Mattoon in Motion a reality.

Thank you to all our volunteers who have made this event a reality.

For more information on how to get involved, Contact us today.