Mattoon in Motion is Still in Motion!!


Mattoon in Motion is still in Motion! After winning the grant, many new exciting opportunities have sprouted.

Volunteers have been working nonstop behind the scenes, and we are on the right track for the completion of the Cross County Innovation Center (CCIC).

At this time we want to thank all the hard work each volunteer has offered in the development of the (CCIC). Stay tuned for when we start to renovate our space.

Not only are we making progress towards the CCIC volunteers in other committees are working towards projects to make Mattoon and the surrounding area great! The Tourism, Parks and Rec, and housing committees are all meeting and making progress towards many objectives.


We have created a   housing resource guideline for citizens of Coles County to easily find out if they qualify for the many housing programs in the area.

Tourism, Parks, Camping, and Wine


Did you know that Mattoon is in the prime location for anyone looking to explore East Central Illinois Wine Country? Tour the list of wineries in the area. Many just 30 miles away. Explore the Map and plan your next trip.

While visiting East Central Illinois Wine Country traverse the great camping opportunities in the area.

Camping and Parks

Camping season is right around the corner, there are many parks which are only a stone’s throw away.

The Parks and Rec Committee is starting a monthly park clean-up day see our calendar for more information on what Mattoon in Motion is doing.

Interested in understanding the business climate in Mattoon and the surrounding area? Research our Economic Development section, information regarding TIF districts, locations, and available buildings in incentive zones.

We are still looking for volunteers in many community sectors. Contact us today to volunteer. If you have suggestions or updates please let us know and we will work on them in a timely manner.

To all the citizens who have supported Mattoon in Motion, Thank you.

Let’s keep moving Forward. 

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