Bike lanes and Sharrows around town

Mattoon In Motion is ecstatic to see the development of bike lines and Sharrows in our City. But do you know the difference between the two symbols?

Sharrow symbol

This road marking means, share the road with cyclists. The new pavement marking with a bicycle with two arrows above it is a lane-sharing symbol know as as “sharrow.” When a sharrow is present it means that a cyclist may legally use the full lane .

Bike Lane

This road marking is an official Bike Lane.

In designated bike lanes. Even if bicyclists are not present, vehicles are not allowed to drive, park, idle in this space or pick up passengers in these designated lanes.

Theses markings can be found along 21st Street from Western Ave to Richmond Ave., Richmond Ave from 21st Street to 12th Street and Richmond Ave East from Logan Street to Holiday Drive (Cross-County Mall)

More information on bike rules can be found in the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road .

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in this initiative. Let’s keep moving Mattoon forward.

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