The City of Mattoon Bicycle Plan

Biking is a popular activity, a moderate form of exercise within the physical capabilities of most people. However, it need not be limited to weekend outings on designated trails or quiet rural roads. Although cycling is often thought of as just for recreation and exercise, nearly half (43%) of all bike trips are destination-based—and many more would be if better facilities existed. Biking can be a great form of transportation, especially for short, local trips. National data indicate that 27% of all car trips are one mile or shorter; 40% are less than two miles. When cycling conditions are improved, people are more willing to use bikes instead of cars for these short trips—which benefits their health, pocketbooks and surrounding air quality. This plan explains the types of on-road and off-road bicycle facilities needed for a bikeway network in Mattoon. Be sure to look at the plan and if you have questions please contact the City of Mattoon.

The bike plan is just the start of making Mattoon a better place to live. Mattoon is moving forward one step at a time. Check out the Economic development tab for more information.

Also, don’t forget to vote for Mattoon in Motion and help us win the $250,000 grand prize.

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