Rural America


Rural America is getting a lot of attention lately.  There are a lot of benefits to growing up and raising a family in cities like Mattoon. As Mattoon in Motion continues to work with the community, we would like everyone to be aware of the possibilities that are available to us.. As a group, we are continuing to move forward, focusing on the future, and making sure that we do not get left behind. Take a look at a few of these articles about Illinois and rural America as a whole.  We can, and are, moving in the right direction. Let’s keep moving.

Chicago Tribune – by Ally Marotti- Illinois second only to California in number of computer science degrees awarded — and more from STEM survey

Illinois ranks fifth nationally in the number of STEM degrees awarded and has the fifth-largest STEM workforce in the country.

Illinois’ workforce is growing quickly

More than 5 percent of jobs in the state are in STEM fields, and Illinois’ workforce in those fields is growing at a quicker pace than the national average, according to the index. STEM employment in the state has risen 2.7 percent annually over the past five years.

Check out the article here.

Des Moines Register- by Donnelle Eller – Silicon Valley is betting on one Iowa town’s efforts to bring tech jobs to rural America

Silicon Valley leaders are joining Pillar Technology’s initiative to help provide intensive training for students in Jefferson, Iowa, a town of 4,200. Participants could land tech jobs paying $65,000.

Check out the article here.

Governing- by Mike Maciag- Your ZIP Code Determines Your Life Expectancy, But Not in These 7 Places

Shelby County, Ill., Census Tract 9595

Educational attainment is one of the strongest predictors of a neighborhood’s life expectancy. But select areas with average or below-average levels of education still have exceptionally high estimated longevity. One example is an area of rural Shelby County, Ill., made up of several small villages and farming communities. Census estimates suggest more than half the population has no education beyond high school, yet its life expectancy is nearly 92 years (+/-7).

Check out more about this here.


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