Workforce development in other communities

Below is a list of other groups or communities that assist in Workforce Development. Please check out this list and see if one is right for you.

Who Activity/Description
Marshall CUSD Robotics/STEM event with elementary students
No job Left Behind – manufacturing group (may not be active)
Thyssen-Krupp 2 year High School apprenticeship program
EIU Rural Schools collaborative to create a teacher pipeline for local, rural schools
Union-JATC in Peoria
They have agreements with Casey Westfield and Cumberland HS to teach some of the
apprenticeship program at their school and to assist with entry in to the
apprenticeship training program in Peoria
Clark County
U of I Extension Office
They do a lot of activities with students to develop career awareness
ECIDC East Central Illinois Economic Development Corporation
CCAR Business that employs special needs individuals
Transitional Facility
There is
another organization in Charleston that works with special needs individuals