Mattoon in Motion Continues to make strides in the time of COVID-19

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has caused the world to turn upside. With major events, activities, and in-person meetings put on hold; community engagement has needed to pivot quickly.  Mattoon in Motion has allowed for that to happen with the help and support of its many dedicated volunteers.

Meetings of the Workforce, Youth, and Robust Economy committees have been meeting via zoom regularly. Our agile framework allows us as a community organization to pivot quickly and communicate with each other when things arise.

Our area volunteers’ dedication has been nonstop, which can be seen with the significant wins that our community and region have witnessed over the past few years.  Two major wins have since happened during this devastating pandemic.

First, Mattoon in Motion would like to congratulate the Mattoon Community Unit School District #2 on being one of twelve communities in winning the Illinois Connected Communities Grant.   The goal of Illinois connected communities is to:

  1. Provide ubiquitous broadband access that is reliable and affordable to homes, businesses, and community anchor institutions throughout Illinois.
  2. Promote adoption and digital literacy
  3. Drive utilization, economic development, and expanded opportunity and innovation in education, health care, and agriculture.

This grant has allowed a dedicated team of individuals to work towards these three goals, access, adoption, and utilization, over the next year. The goal, much like that of Mattoon in Motion, is to be ready when grants are offered.  

Now is the time to get ready.

COVID-19 has impacted many families throughout our communities. With proper engagement, we can prepare for and work towards a future inclusive and supportive of everyone in need.

We have the framework within Mattoon in Motion. Let’s continue to work towards a brighter future for our community. 

The Elevate CCIC, Inc. Business Innovation center has officially launched with the hallway corridor’s completion from the main area in the Mattoon Cross County Mall. Just a few days ago, it supported and graduated its first small business through its six-step program.

Elevate CCIC, Inc. welcomes everyone to check out their space virtually and in-person by appointment due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

As a community, we will grow stronger together.

Keep an eye out for other wins, and if you would like to become a volunteer, please feel free to contact us and get signed up to our email list and join our next meeting.

Mattoon Area Community Works Grant Recipient

Mattoon In Motion wants to thank the Mattoon Area Community Works for their generous grant of $4,500 for the support of our community organization this fiscal year 2020.

With these funds, we will continue to work with our partners to establish a more effective and efficient use of our communities resources. Through this type of commitment, we will push for the continued success of community collaboration projects such as Elevate CCIC, Inc.

Elevate CCIC, Inc is Coles County innovation hub and entrepreneurial co-working space, born out of the forward-thinking Robust Economy committee.

Together we can do more, and this next year with your continued support, we can move our area forward.

Thank you to all the people who make this community great.

If you are interested in the collaborative effort of this community, please consider volunteering for one of our six committees.

Contact us today.

Thank you to our area volunteers

As we commemorate this day of service, we want to celebrate our volunteers who have made Mattoon in Motion a moving force within the community.

We are working to establish a movement that focuses on the citizens and the future development of our area.

We could not have come this far without the volunteers’ who make this community great.

Together we can achieve more than we can alone.

To all the volunteers in the community who are contributing to the positive development of the area…

Thank you.

Mattoon in Motion 2nd Annual Community Update

Featuring Guest Speaker

Joshua Covey

6-8 pm, Thursday, November 14th

Cross County Mall (Former Carson’s Location)

Doors open at 5:30 PM

Join us to learn more about the latest accomplishments from the six of our different committees. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Joshua Covey, Stephen R. Covey’s son and part of the Franklin Covey Foundation.

About Joshua Covey

With a background in strategy consulting, Joshua has advised executives across multiple industries including healthcare, technology, consumer products and education. He draws on a wealth of experience in helping organizations to more effectively achieve their objectives.

Please RSVP Via Facebook Event page or using this QR Code below.


Please see the flyer below.

Mattoon in Motion Workforce Committee Update!

Futures Day has been added to the exciting lineup of Homecoming events here in Mattoon.

When: Sept. 26. at Mattoon High School

First session from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.  Second Session from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. for any parents/guardians who want to learn more about the schools and professions in and around the area. 

To help move this forward Mattoon in Motions work force committee which consist of, Mattoon High School, Lake Land College, LSC Communications, Eastern IL Education for Employment Systems 340, Sarah Bush Lincoln health center, The Mattoon Chamber of Commerce, the City of Mattoon, Innovative Staff Solutions and many volunteers are working on making this day a success.

We encourage parents and students to take part in this great learning opportunity.

There are over 50 different organizations, colleges, and tech programs from around the area who will be represented on Futures Day.

We want our students to explore their options. A great way to accomplish this is to have those representing different job fields, higher education and technical schools personally meet with our students. This learning opportunity is not only beneficial for our students, but it benefits those visiting our school. They will have the chance to meet with the regions’ most talented students as well as interacting with some of our future leaders.

Mattoon High School principal Rich Stuart

One of the Goals of Mattoon in Motion is developing a thriving workforce that meets the needs of area employers and employees. As a community, there are several workforce opportunities which can help you or your child succeed.

Recently Mattoon in Motion workforce development committee surveyed many parents during registration at Mattoon High School.  We asked five questions on the survey.

  1. How will informed do you feel regarding the range of options available to their student after they complete high school?
  2. How well informed do you feel regarding educational options available to their student (junior college university trade school, apprenticeships, etc.)
  3. How well informed do you feel regarding scholarship opportunities available to your student?
  4. How well informed do you feel regarding current career opportunities in the Mattoon area?
  5. How well equipped do you feel to help your student make decisions on their next steps after high school?

The Results

From these survey results, we are developing ways to disseminate the needed information to the parents in the area.

Earlier this year, we focused on the Lake Land College Fast Track Program and its partnership with LSC communications. If you haven’t noticed they are extending this program to Mars Pet Care as well.

If you or your organization want to participate in Futures Day, please click here. The deadline is September 5th.

If you want to know more about area workforce opportunities, please visit our workforce in Motion Page here. Or if you would like to volunteer in any one of our 6 committees please contact us today.