Mattoon in Motion Continues to make strides in the time of COVID-19

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has caused the world to turn upside. With major events, activities, and in-person meetings put on hold; community engagement has needed to pivot quickly.  Mattoon in Motion has allowed for that to happen with the help and support of its many dedicated volunteers.

Meetings of the Workforce, Youth, and Robust Economy committees have been meeting via zoom regularly. Our agile framework allows us as a community organization to pivot quickly and communicate with each other when things arise.

Our area volunteers’ dedication has been nonstop, which can be seen with the significant wins that our community and region have witnessed over the past few years.  Two major wins have since happened during this devastating pandemic.

First, Mattoon in Motion would like to congratulate the Mattoon Community Unit School District #2 on being one of twelve communities in winning the Illinois Connected Communities Grant.   The goal of Illinois connected communities is to:

  1. Provide ubiquitous broadband access that is reliable and affordable to homes, businesses, and community anchor institutions throughout Illinois.
  2. Promote adoption and digital literacy
  3. Drive utilization, economic development, and expanded opportunity and innovation in education, health care, and agriculture.

This grant has allowed a dedicated team of individuals to work towards these three goals, access, adoption, and utilization, over the next year. The goal, much like that of Mattoon in Motion, is to be ready when grants are offered.  

Now is the time to get ready.

COVID-19 has impacted many families throughout our communities. With proper engagement, we can prepare for and work towards a future inclusive and supportive of everyone in need.

We have the framework within Mattoon in Motion. Let’s continue to work towards a brighter future for our community. 

The Elevate CCIC, Inc. Business Innovation center has officially launched with the hallway corridor’s completion from the main area in the Mattoon Cross County Mall. Just a few days ago, it supported and graduated its first small business through its six-step program.

Elevate CCIC, Inc. welcomes everyone to check out their space virtually and in-person by appointment due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

As a community, we will grow stronger together.

Keep an eye out for other wins, and if you would like to become a volunteer, please feel free to contact us and get signed up to our email list and join our next meeting.

Working together we will become a stronger community

Never underestimate what a group of volunteers can accomplish. With our group of dedicated individuals and organizations, we have and can continue to make a positive change in our community and region.

Over the past year, we have seen what we can accomplish together. Let’s continue this effort to make our community a better place to live. COVID-19 is an unprecedented event. As a community we must focus our efforts to become more robust. 

We have numerous organizations that are working together to help and support our area during this time of self-isolation.  Mattoon in Motion is, and can support our efforts to strengthen our community by building on the framework which we have established.

As the stay in place order is extended; we need to focus our efforts on what Mattoon’s future will become.  As businesses face adversity, there are programs to support them including the Downstate Small Business Stabilization Program, The SBA Disaster Relief Loan Program and the Hospitality Emergency Grant program to name a few.

Action items following the end to the pandemic

How can we make Mattoon a better, more prepared place to live after this is over?

 Mattoon in Motion has been meeting regularly to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer season.

After our first big win with the Robust Economy Committee, we are well on our way to completing Elevate CCIC, Inc. the business innovation center, and entrepreneurial hub. We are working to grow Coles County and the region with the needed resources to start and grow a business. We are working diligently to make sure these resources are in place once the ban is lifted.

The Youth Committee and Energized Partnerships are working to develop a comprehensive plan to support the youth in our community. The Leader in Me initiative through the Mattoon Unit #2 school district is an exciting program being adopted by many in the community. It is our hope that this continues in homes as the students follow the stay in place order.

The Housing Committee is preparing for its next housing project, which will benefit another veteran in our community.

 As a community, we have a great story. The newly formed Connections Committee is hard at work sharing our story.

This summer, the Parks and Recreation Committee will be working on the first part of the Mattoon in Motion butterfly project along the bike trial in Mattoon. The goal of this project will beautify the bike trail.

The Workforce in Motion Committee will be focused on helping local businesses navigate the aftermath of the pandemic. Their goal will be to provide support for our business community to survive and prosper once conditions return to normal.

We need the support of the entire community to endure the pandemic.  If you would like to volunteer and support the Mattoon in Motion initiatives you can contact us.  

  The future of the community is in our hands!    

Mattoon Area Community Works Grant Recipient

Mattoon In Motion wants to thank the Mattoon Area Community Works for their generous grant of $4,500 for the support of our community organization this fiscal year 2020.

With these funds, we will continue to work with our partners to establish a more effective and efficient use of our communities resources. Through this type of commitment, we will push for the continued success of community collaboration projects such as Elevate CCIC, Inc.

Elevate CCIC, Inc is Coles County innovation hub and entrepreneurial co-working space, born out of the forward-thinking Robust Economy committee.

Together we can do more, and this next year with your continued support, we can move our area forward.

Thank you to all the people who make this community great.

If you are interested in the collaborative effort of this community, please consider volunteering for one of our six committees.

Contact us today.

Mattoon in Motion 2nd Annual Community Update

Featuring Guest Speaker

Joshua Covey

6-8 pm, Thursday, November 14th

Cross County Mall (Former Carson’s Location)

Doors open at 5:30 PM

Join us to learn more about the latest accomplishments from the six of our different committees. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Joshua Covey, Stephen R. Covey’s son and part of the Franklin Covey Foundation.

About Joshua Covey

With a background in strategy consulting, Joshua has advised executives across multiple industries including healthcare, technology, consumer products and education. He draws on a wealth of experience in helping organizations to more effectively achieve their objectives.

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