Strategies-Parks and Rec


  • Expand and improve bike paths.
    Possible Projects:
    -Complete current hiking and bike paths
    -Include Western Ave to Lake Mattoon
    -Exercise programs to accompany trails
    -Add stations to air up tires. hydrate, wash bikes off
    -Link the parks in town with a fitness trail
    -Add sculptures to trails
    -Offer educational signs along the trails
  • Develop local health programs
    Possible Projects:  Coordinate with Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System
  • Improve and promote existing parks and recreation assets
  • Improve current parks and create new parks and recreational facilities
    Possible Projects:
    -Build more sport parks
    -Develop more soccer fields
    -Add dog parks
    -Build a climbing wall
    -Develop an RV Park
    -Batting Cages
    – An Ice rink in winter (Lake Mattoon or pond)
    -Location for sledding
    -Handicap sections in parks (sensory parks)
    -Add water features
    -Revamp/improve Lake Paradise
  • Develop winter sports programs for travel teams
  • Improve/enhance Lake Mattoon
    Possible Projects:
    -Offer boat slips
    -Add a new pavilion
    -Create fireworks display
    -Add a beach/play area
    -Develop a splash pad
    -Expand campgrounds
    -Offer ice fishing
    -Stock the lake with fish
  • Encourage the development of recreation-based businesses
  • Possible Projects:
    -Build a game of mini golf (indoors)
    – Open an outside theater
    -Offer boat rentals at Lake Mattoon