Robust Strategies


  • Develop a business incubator
    Possible Projects:
    – Target specific industries for the incubator(s) to fuel growth
    – Partner with Eastern Illinois University and/or Lake Land College
    – Develop a partnership with Rural King
  • Develop a business recruitment/attraction program
    Possible Projects:
    – Market available funding such as the revolving loan program
    – Create a regional approach to marketing and business attraction
    – Improve and expand Mattoon’s digital footprint
    – Create an improved banding name
    – Market Mattoon on a billboard on I-57
  • Incentivize the development of the Route 16 corridor
  • Develop strong network infrastructure
    Possible Projects:
    – Develop human capital
    – Install hardware
  • Form teams to assist new business start-ups, target and attract businesses, and retain current businesses
    Possible Projects:

    – Create a range of assistance/expertise offered to include marketing, financing,    insurance requirements, law compliance, accounting/taxes
    – Recruit people with specialized expertise to offer pro-bono business counseling
  • Create an Industrial Park with shovel-ready sites
  • Develop a plan to attract secondary suppliers and customers for local industries
  • Launch entrepreneurship mentoring programs for adults
  • Develop a retail town center
    Possible Projects:   Develop a plan modeled on West Des Moines, IA
  • Develop a standard package of business incentives
  • Create an economic / business developer position and standing committee
  • Promote the transition to a city manager system