Housing Strategies:

Housing Strategies

  • Develop a residential TIF district
  • Offer economic incentives to build or rehab housing
  • Develop shovel-ready sites for housing
    Possible projects:
    – Work with the City on infrastructure for new homes
    Seek investors
    – Get support from local bankers and developers
    – Work with the City to donate land for development
    – Inventory possible locations for development
  • Offer assistance for home improvement in targeted city blocks/neighborhoods
  • Market housing development in Mattoon and incentives available
  • Expand the high school building trade program
  • Remodel upstairs of downtown Broadway buildings into apartments
  • Explore grant opportunities  with HUD and other agencies
  • Partner with Habitat for Humanity on building and remodeling homes
  • Clean-up / demolish rundown housing
  • Develop in-demand new housing
    Possible projects:
    – Build new townhomes
    – Build new subdivisions
    – Develop housing along the state route 45 corridor
  • Review and update zoning laws
  • Identify community programs that are potential partners