Broadway East

The City of Mattoon offers several forms of assistance and incentives for business within its Broadway East TIF District. These funds are to be used for Redevelopment Project Costs (RPC’s) which include all reasonable or necessary cost incurred or estimated to be incurred incidental to a redevelopment plan or project.

Example of eligible Project Costs would be

  1. Costs of studies, surveys, professional fees for architectural, engineering, legal or financial services rendered incidental to the redevelopment project.
  2. Property assembly costs, including but not limited to the acquisition of land and other property, real or personal, demolition of buildings, and the clearing and grading of land.
  3. Cost of rehabilitation, reconstruction, or repair or remodeling of existing public or private buildings and fixtures.
  4. Cost of construction of public works or improvements
  5. Cost of job training and retraining projects


Types of Assistance


The City of Mattoon offers TIF & BD grants for certain projects. These grants are generally paid on a reimbursement basis or directly to a vendor or contractor for products or services already delivered and are not generally given to a redeveloper in advance.

Architectural Assistance

The City may provide assistance in the form of an initial architectural or structural analysis of a proposed redevelopment project for the purpose of determining general or structural feasibility, developing a preliminary scope of work and cost estimates.


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Broadway East Application Guidelines and Regulations

Here is an application for Mattoon Broadway East TIF & Business District.